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Identifying Marine Phytoplankton ebook
Identifying Marine Phytoplankton ebook

Identifying Marine Phytoplankton by Carmelo R. Tomas

Identifying Marine Phytoplankton

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Identifying Marine Phytoplankton Carmelo R. Tomas ebook
ISBN: 012693018X,
Page: 875
Format: pdf
Publisher: Academic Press

GO Identifying Marine Phytoplankton Author: Carmelo R. News | Energy & Sustainability. Photo Credit: Tom Kleindinst/WHOI, Erin Bertrand, right, studies how marine phytoplankton get, use and compete for nutrients in the ocean. The discovery challenges the current hypothesis for the mechanism involved in the synthesis of DMS. Researchers have identified a bacterial gene that is needed for the production of dimethyl sulfide (DMS), the climate-cooling gas responsible for the distinctive smell of the seaside. Http:// Language: English Released: 1997. She worked with her advisor, WHOI marine biogeochemist Mak Saito, left, whose lab group has been Among thousands of other proteins present in the algae, or phytoplankton External U.S. The precursor to DMS, dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), is a secondary metabolite produced by marine phytoplankton. Government site , they identified the novel CBA1 protein when it increased in abundance when the algae were starved of vitamin B12. Publisher: Academic Press Page Count: 875.

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